Oswald Hüfner & Sohn KG

Commitment by Tradition
The Company Oswald Hüfner & Son today

The following three sections are now the foundation of our enterprise:
By applying of modern technology, the enterprise Huefner can be prepared for nearly all requirements of the market.
For example the public work of the enterprise contains the dedicated participation of Mr. Hüfner in federations like the BDT (Federation of German Livestock Transports).
The friendship of many years of our senior boss Oswald Hüfner and the former German Minister of Agriculture Karl-Heinz Funke, caused consequently important knowledge from our industry to flow into the political discussions.
Every year, we open at one day, our enterprise at the location Volkers, to the public for one day. In lectures, with practical examples, the inspection of the vehicles, interested visitor learn more about problem solutions and achievements in the livestock transport. Several thousand of visitors of our meetings of the last years, speak clearly for the interest of the public in our work.
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