Oswald Hüfner & Sohn KG

Establishment of an Enterprise by Oswald Hüfner 1976

    Our Buisiness was founded in 1976 by the owner Oswald Hüfner.
    Mr. Hüfner was born in 1940 as the second son of
    Mrs. Rita and Mr. Ottmar Hüfner in a small German town called
    Züntersbach (Hessen /Germany), close to the Bavarian border.
    Completing his education he moved on to become a butcher master, examined by the German Chamber of Commerce, Landshut/Bavaria,
    in the year 1964.
    During the period of 1964 to 1973 Mr. Hüfner managed the butchers-resort in the largest shopping mall in Fulda (Hessen) called Kerber.
    In 1973 he joined to “Südfleisch Hammelburg”, a national in
    Bavaria (Germany) operating butchers-company. First he worked as
    the sales manager. After a short time he became the managing
    director of this company.
    1976 Mr. Hüfner took the largest step in his previous buisiness-life - by founding his own company, the “Spedition Hüfner”.
    In 1965 he married Mrs. Hannelore Hüfner, he is father of 3 children. Apart from the activity as a dealer in the sectors "cattle and meat", he resumed the agricultural enterprise of his father-in-law.
    Already at this time smaller transportations with the company-owned trucks were accomplished.
    The current firm area in Volkers, Hessen, was developed and is continuing to grow and branch out.
    During the years 1982-1991 he owned a butcher's shop in Bad Brückenau, Bavaria, with an attached cattle and meat trade.
Erste Metzgerei von Oswald Hüfner
Erster Viehtransporter von Oswald Hüfner
1982: Our Butcher's shop in Bad Brückenau/Bavaria/Germany with our first lifestock transport vehicle